IComplain is an open source asp.net mvc 2.0 project running at http://www.icomplain.info.

It's using Linq to EF 3.5 and repository pattern at the backend, and using ELMH to log exceptions. It's inspired by Nerd Dinner project (http://nerddinner.codeplex.com/) to share information on the web, allowing users to have a moan about any frustrating experience.

Why bother checking out iComplain given there is a NerdDinner?

  • Covers more user scenario
  • Demos the use of repository pattern with EF3.5
  • Ships over the EF entities as DTOs across the service boundary
  • Use of custom model binder
  • Use of CAPTCHA by custom ActionResult 
  • Use of MVCContrib for data grid and paging

You can see the site running LIVE at http://www.icomplain.info.

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